What Is Philosopy? Research Conventional paper

What is Philosophy?

The Merriam-Webster defines Philosophy as

1 . a: pursuit of knowledge

w: a search for any general comprehension of values and reality by simply chiefly speculative rather than observational means c: an examination of the grounds of and concepts revealing fundamental beliefs as stated. ” (Dictionary)

Viewpoint is the pursuit of an understanding of the world and of mans place in it as well as for ways to apply this understanding to the correct conduct of life. Relating to Meters. J. Adler " the term comes from the Greek words for ‘love of wisdom'”; the meaning of wisdom, even so has been viewed differently by various times by various thinkers. ” [ (Adler) ] To be able to philosophize, a person must first discover his or her perception (including scientific, moral, faith based, and common-sense beliefs) that express and form their everyday life and thought. They need to scrutinize and analyze these beliefs to see whether they are reasonable, regular, and match the facts. They must make an effort to construct a great order of beliefs that give a larger that means to their activities and actions. I have found that the study of idea should offer a person greater insight into this is of lifestyle. A person may even develop their own viewpoint which would allow them to assess their own encounters which may make them to achieve a lot of purpose and design because of their life. Idea is a good force that shapes and influences every one of the branches of human expertise. As defined by Sandy Clabaugh, " Logic: technology of appropriate reasoning. Epistemology: the study of understanding. Metaphysics: study regarding reality. Axiology the study of principles and comes with ethics, personal philosophy and aesthetics. ” [ (Clabaugh) ] As the definition implies, philosophy works with our most significant beliefs regarding ourselves and our world, and it uses common sense in thinking about these beliefs.

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