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Unit: Marketing

Topic: Vinamilk Company

Instructor: Ho Cao Viet

Scholar name: Truong Huynh Os quais ChiIEC1105

Submitter date: Come july 1st 28th, 2012




Vinamilk is established in 1976. several

It is a leading dairy in Vietnam with all the market share 39%. 3 Distribute widely across the country and possesses high quality product. a few

This assignment is going to analyse and find out more regarding this company. three or more Part 1- Explore the concept of segmentation, focusing on and placing: 3 1 . Identify macro and mini environmental factors which impact marketing decisions and clarify how they apply at your chosen business. You should use evaluation tools to apply to the company: SWOT, INFESTATIONS, and Five-Forces analysis3 - Strong home-based distribution9

-- Vinamilk should not entirely lively in raw material. It has to import much more than 50% materials -> impacts turn over of Vinamilk due to fluctuation in return rate (4)9 - Though Vinamilk offers strong brand and great products, the marketing is definitely weak and is not equal its edge. For example , Vinamilk has 70 percent - 90% fresh milk while opponents have 10%, but Vinamilk do not have good message to affirm their strength to consumers. (5)9 - Marketing mainly in Southern of Vietnam9

- Vinamilk principal focuses on home market (80%). Abroad marketplace is low (20%) (6)9 2 . Propose main segmentation criteria that are used for two products aimed towards two several markets. 13 (1);jsessionid=996D34D3C3E90DB4A909ED7439600AB115 three or more. Outline the factors which usually influence picking out targeting method for two goods in two different market segments. 15 four. Explain how end-consumer or buyer behavior affects promoting activities for 2 products from the company and its retailers. 16 Part 2- Identify and analyze the consumer elements of the extended marketing mix: 18 1 . Illustrate and examine how items of your picked company are developed to sustain you can actually competitive edge. 17 installment payments on your Explain how your chosen provider's products happen to be distributed in order to provide convenience to customers. 18 3. Make clear how prices of your chosen company's goods are started reflect industry�s objectives and market conditions. 19 4. Illustrate how promotional activity is bundled to achieve advertising objectives inside your chosen firm. 21 five. Analyze the extra elements of the extended promoting mix (People, Physical data and Process) in your picked company. 23


Vinamilk is established in 1976.

It is a leading dairy in Vietnam with all the market share 39%. Distribute extensively across the country and possesses high quality item.

This assignment will certainly analyse and find out more concerning this company. Portion 1- Explore the concept of segmentation, targeting and positioning: 1 ) Identify macro and micro environmental factors which effect marketing decisions and explain how they connect with your chosen organization. You should use analysis tools to use to the organization: SWOT, INFESTATION, and Five-Forces analysis

The marketplace environment consists factors that affect the advertising management's ability to build and maitain powerful relationship using its customers. They can be Micro (internal) environment, and Macro (national) environment.

Macroenvironment refers to all elements that are portion of the larger society and influence microenvironment. That involves several forces which can be known as PEST:

Political/ Legal factors: Vietnamese policies in milk transfer in recent years have not promoted home-based milk.

Economic elements: Vietnam's joining WTO helps Vinamilk include easy access to international marketplace with lowering of import...

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