Theme of Treatment in Scarlet Letter Dissertation

The Scarlet Notice: The Concept of the Punishment

Hawthorne's The Scarlet Notice deals with many themes, the most

highly effective being punishment. In this novel, Hester Prynne becomes a

highly respectable person in a Puritan society by conquering one of the

harshest punishments, the scarlet letter. This kind of object about " her bosom";

however , does the exact reverse of that which it was meant for.

Ultimately, Hester Prynne inverts every one of the odds against here because of her

courage, pride and effort. Hester went beyond the legal issues

and did anything asked of here in order to prove that the girl with " capable. "

Hester became quite a well-known seamstress, adored all over the

town of Boston on her behalf work. Hester is moderate in everything that she

does. Hester herself has on only poor clothing when she embroiders

marvelous works throughout Boston. The only piece of apparel

not allowed to create was your wedding vail. How could a female wearing

the scarlet letter build a dress that represents the values of

relationship; having committed sin while she performed to be mixed up in

significant other bonds of another few. Although the girl does the job willingly

and hardly ever looks back to the horrid past at the rear of. The scarlet

letter was continuously worn by Hester with pride and dignity. Hester

realized that the fact that was done in yesteryear was wrong and that the scarlet A

was the right thing to do, therefor it truly is worn having a sense of pride.

The child, Treasure, is " a true blessing and as a reminder of her sin. "

As though the scarlet A were not enough abuse there " was a brat of

that hellish breed" which will would help remind Hester of what happened inside the

past. The " brat" could have been given away to Governor Bellingham yet

Hester announced that Gem " is usually my delight!... Ye will not take

her! Let me die 1st! " Not just a person in Boston, nor Hester himself

thought highly of the little child...

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