Jones and Mclune Essay

A Summary of " Hip-Hop's Unfaithfulness of Black Women”

" Baby Mommas, Chicken Brain, or Hoes who want sex, ” (McLune 214) are a few of the most misogynistic words present in Hip-Hop today. Jennifer McLune, a librarian, activist, and writer -- living in Washington. D. C. - is taking a posture against the misogyny. " Hip-Hop's Betrayal of Black Women” by Jennifer McLune is known as a response document to Kevin Powell's content, " Notes of a Hip Hop Head. ” In his article, Powell poses poverty since the explanation for the sexism found in hip-hop today. McLune believes that, Powell's explanations of hip hop will be one way to peace and quiet those that will be critiquing it. McLune starts to explain that Kevin's discussion, " totally ignores the truth that women, too, are raised in this environment of lower income and assault, but have however to produce similar negative and hateful rendering of dark men” (McLune 214). McLune believes that Artists and role types should take even more responsibility with their music and what they stand for. McLune states that a lot of conscious artists, just like Common, are too eager to gain acceptance simply by popular mainstream artists. Therefore, causing these to forsake their morals and commend popular artists for accomplishments. Mclune goes on to declare artists should certainly embody esteem between sexes through their very own music. The girl argues that Black woman rappers are merely as much accountable as their male peers. The girl encourages girls to speak in a collective tone of voice, as to protect themselves, instead of being " hyper womanly and hyper sexual to please guys. ” (McLune 215) Powell adds that hip-hop has established a way for black people to " earn, ” simply by creating anything out of absolutely nothing. McLune follows using a rebuttal proclaiming if sexism is the route to mainstream acceptability, and that is what it takes to get, than all black women are the duds. McLune needs acknowledgement via apologists, acknowledging that black women are in reality black individuals to. She said, when someone attacks a female in the...

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