nursing treatment plan Dissertation

п»їHealth problem

Relatives nursing difficulty

Goal of care

Goals of treatment

Intervention strategy

Nursing involvement



Improper drainage as a well being treat

Failure to recognize the improper drainage.

Inability to accomplish appropriate action due to failure to comprehend the excellent environment.

Failure to execute adequate drainage.

Lack of know-how about proper draining.

After my 2 several weeks nursing intervention the condition of the family will certainly improved environmentally friendly sanitation intended for the safety in the family.

After my medical intervention the family can:

Be focused with the issue.

Give importance of having a correct drainage system.

Discuss the family need for having a correct drainage program.

Prevention of possible disease that gives possible disease.

House visit

Material resources:

Visible aids

Commitment of the rns

Expenses for visual helps

Health problem

Family members nursing trouble

Goal of care

Targets of treatment

Intervention program

Nursing involvement



Poverty being a health deficit

Inability to identify the cause of low income.

Lack of familiarity with how to increased their position.

Incapability of sustaining the needs in the family.

Following my 2months nursing input the family members will improved the low income from tertiary to secondary level of position. After my own nursing input the friends and family will:

Be able to itself the needs from the family particularly the children.

Will gain details about the different approach to improving all their lifestyle like handy products planting.

Talk about the meaning to result in of low income and the feasible effect of all their condition.

House visit

Materials resources:

Visible aids

Time and effort of the rns

Expenses pertaining to visual helps

Health problem

Family nursing trouble

Goal of care

Targets of proper care

Intervention program

Nursing input



Absence of father and mother

Inability to aid especially the emotional

Incapability to strength the binding of family member.

Lack of trust and self-confidence.

After my2 months nursing intervention the family will more close and cooperative to each other. Understand importance of one another.

Be knowledgeable about the roles of each member.

Learn how to respect one another.

Discuss and make a counseling to build up a family support

Parenting promotion

Home check out

Material methods:

Visual assists

Time and effort in the midwife

Expenditures for aesthetic aids

Health issue

Family breastfeeding problem

Objective of proper care

Objectives of care

Input plan

Nursing jobs intervention



not enough

Breast dairy

Lack of ability to provide milk substitute

Inability to provide adequate


Lack of information about breast feeding.

After my 5months nursing jobs intervention the mother will breast her baby at least six months.

After my own nursing treatment the family will be able to:

Explain the system of dairy production.

Present factors that affect milk production.

Identified the important of breast feeding her child.

Discuss with the family members the system of milk production

Explore with the friends and family benefits of nursing

Home visit

Material methods:

Visual assists

Time and effort in the nurses

Expenses for image aids

Health problem

Family nursing jobs problem

Objective of proper care

Objectives of care

Intervention plan

Medical intervention



Hazardous water supply

Water pump is definitely the only key source in drinking.

Placed only in uncovered soft and gallon.

Inability to make decisions with respect to taking health actions due to:

Failing to comprehend the...

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