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Concepts of wellness

A negative idea of health may be the view that being healthy is the a shortage of illness one of this, without having any symptoms of disease, discomfort or relax. People with this view will likely believe that health is normal and also to take this for granted that they are well. They assume they don't need to take any special activities to keep healthier. They are less likely to think of themselves as sick when they possess minor pain caused by the common cold or severe headaches, or after they feel tired or stressed out. They are worried about peoples physical, intellectual, social and psychological well-being.

A positive concept of health is the belief that staying healthy can be described as state attained only by continuous efforts. People with this belief consider active steps to maintain their very own health — for example , all their choice of meals, by what physical exercise they do and also other activities consider keeps these people fit and healthy. People are likely to feel responsible for their own health. They may take credit rating for the continued absence of disease and pin the consequence on themselves if they develop symptoms.

In health and social care industries, care experts usually take up a holistic method to care also to the support they give people. A holistic concept of health may be the belief that being healthy means staying without any physical disorders or perhaps diseases and being emotionally comfortable. For example , a person who feels anxious or perhaps who has low self-esteem might, according for this concept, not be very well.

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