Biography with the Roman Chief Constantine Article

The Emperor Constantine I

I do think that the emperor Constantine is the most important emperor of the late longevity. The many superb events of his reign laid footings that would impact the future of European countries and European Civilization for hundreds of years to come. His acknowledgement and support of Christianity was one of the most important moments in world record. Moving the government of the Both roman Empire to Constantinople and founding " New Rome" was one of the significant decisions ever made by a Roman ruler. Ten emperors who ruled after Constantine took call him by his name. This is just one single more indicator of his importance of all time and the prize in which his people kept him.

I found that emperor Constantine was born Flavius Valerius Constantinus in Naissus, a city in Serbia, on February 27 between the 270's CE. His mother was a woman of humble background named Helena who would after become a Christian. Because of her good performs, she was performed a Christian saint following her death. Constantine's daddy was a career military official named Constantius. Constantine was married for least two times and had several sons: Crispus, Constantine II, Constantius, and Constans.

Constantius, his father, was in charge of the Roman Region of Britannia. When Constantius died Constantine he was right away proclaimed chief by the army. However , it was a little while until many years of politics struggle and actual detrimental war before he can consolidate his power. Constantine finally started to be the sole ruler of the Roman Empire in 323 VOTRE when he defeated the far eastern Emperor Licinius.

Of Constantine's main accomplishments I feel that the most important was his identification of the Christianity. In 311 CE, this individual ordered the final of the persecution of Christian believers. On October 28, 312 CE, Constantine faced certainly one of his greatest battles when he tried to consolidate his electricity. He was significantly outnumbered by the forces of Maxentius, who have also wished to be emperor. In a dream the night before the battle,...

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